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QA is responsible for ensuring the quality of the software following the defined Quality Goals for each development phase (SCM). Understands the project business rules and validate whether the system meets all the functional and non-functional requirements raised. Also responsible for automating test scenarios, perform root cause analysis of defects and work actively in reducing rates of defects by the development team. 

  • Participates of the Refinement meetings to understand the requirements of the next Sprint, raising blocks if needed
  • Creates the Test Plan of the Sprint Backlog in order to cover the quality over the Stories Acceptance Criteriafunctional and non-functional requirements defined
  • Ensure the Acceptance Criteria
  • Actively participate on the Scrum rituals (Planning, Daily, Review, Retros) 
  • Perform the Test Execution based on the Test Planregistering all the bugs in Jira
  • Monitors the Sprint control tools (burndown chartTask Board, bugs, etcand helps the team to continuously deliver Stories for tests since the beginning of the cycleavoiding high volume of Stories being delivered just by the end of the Sprint to reduce quality risks and issues
  • Perform securityload, and product performance tests (non functional tests)
  • Update documents of release process
  • Ensures the bugs are properly resolvedretesting the affected flow of the applicationmaking sure bug ticket in Jira was properly updated with all necessary information
  • Log work hours inside the tickets in the control tool (Jira) in a proper and accurate way for each issue type related to Burn, Build and All Work activities. Essential for reliable metrics!

Vaga QA (BEER TECH BRASIL) - AB InBev Brasil

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