Technical Project Manager (BEER TECH BRASIL)

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  • Ensure the distribution of functional scope in releases, including business milestones, creating the Product Timeline
  • Manage scope by identifying changes against the initial baseline (using Complexity Points)
  • Raise, manage and monitor Squad risk mitigation plans
  • Ensure training of new team members in process and software engineering practices
  • Ensure the correct use of the control tool (Jira) and the reliability of the information (effort, status, assignee, etc.)
  • Ensure Visual Management of the POD (Situation Wall)
  • Ensure PML across the Squad
  • Ensure Map business dependencies are mapped at the project level
  • Organize and conduct the PDCA among the Squads
  • Governance of the Complexity Points concept, qualification and review of counts
  • Governance of quality indicators and rework for the sprint
  • Governance of productivity and speed indicators for the sprint
  • Ensure the necessary resources for the POD work (availability of hardware, licenses, workstations, and devices 

required for development and deployment)

  • Ensure that realease notes are done by the PM
  • Monitor the execution of the roadmap (release plan) against the planned and manage expectations of stakeholders
  • Represents the Squads in the internal CAB of the Release Process
  • Formalize Release Deployment in Production
  • Status reporting, kpis, resource planning, performance management, mapping / tracking dependencies between teams

Vaga Technical Project Manager (BEER TECH BRASIL) - AB InBev Brasil

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