Eng. Coordinator (BEER TECH BRASIL)

Jaguariuna, Brasil | Publicada em 05/10/2020 |Integral



About the Job

Lead the development team and guarantee the health of the team, motivation and capacitation.

You Will:

  •  Work team members gaps related to hard and soft skills
  • Hire new talents and balance the skills
  • Provide tools and opportunities for career development
  • Align the team information with SM, Project Manager, Eng Manager
  • Be aware about the roles and responsibilities between team members
  • Motivate the team and ensure they are working on a happy environment

Required Qualifications:

coding experience (highly recomended), or SM

Development backgroud experience.

Technical graduation

Leadership skills

Vaga Eng. Coordinator (BEER TECH BRASIL) - AB InBev Brasil

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